Losing weight and keeping it off has never been so easy!

We offer a 12-week program that will change your life!

Whether we eat too much or not, we seem not to be able to keep our weight down. We jump from diet to diet to stay skinny but let’s face it, we’re always set up for failure. Moreover, who wants to starve themselves on a on-going basis? No one! If we deprive our bodies from certain nutrients, we might lose weight but our health will suffer the consequences. Seems like there is no win-win situation!

Well, we have amazing news for you! We’re sure that you’ve heard this before: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

We’ve discovered that there is no need to starve yourself to lose weight. No need to count calories neither! Spending hours doing strenuous exercising at the gym is good for your body but not necessary when it comes to shedding those unwanted extra pounds.


And during our 12-week program, we are proposing collective or private cooking class in the Montreal (Quebec) area in casual/relaxed atmosphere.

Why 12 weeks? Well, they say it takes 12 weeks to change bad habits and stick to it! We want to assist you in your transition to a new slimmer and healthier YOU!

Many scientific studies have already proven this easy method to be successful! Don’t be surprised if you start reaping collateral benefits in the process. Chronic diseases such diabetes, high blood pressure and even cardiovascular get better on our program. We can’t promise the world but if your health means a lot to you and you like looking and feeling good, this program is for you!

On the menu:

  • Nutritional knowledge made easy
  • Making scrumptious and simple recipes
  • Visit to the supermarket
  • Reorganizing your kitchen
  • Debunking myths about healthy foods

This program is even for people that do not need to loose weight, younger or older, male or female. We offer specials for those that come out to our FREE presentation session.

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We hope to see you soon!

Cheers !